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Chances are that you, reader, might be traveling to Hawaii for a vacation or honeymoon in the near future ), and it’s important for us to recognize the harmful stereotypes we often perpetuate when we talk about Hawaii. See, there is an actual difference between being a resident of Hawaii and being a Native Hawaiian.

So let me tell you a little about Hawaii and Native Hawaiians to prepare you for your journey. A resident of Hawaii is someone (of any background) who just, you know, lives in Hawaii.

Latest activity in Hawaii Chat: Wife of 9/11 Victim Pens Letter to Donald Trump, Melania and Ivanka Trump Forego Headscarves in Saudi Arabia, Trump Pledges to Do ‘Whatever Is Necessary’ to ‘Fix’ Venezuela, President Michael R.

Pence; sooner the better, Senator Mc Connell; Tax reform will have to be revenue neutral, Who's right and who's wrong in the softwood lumber dispute?

Some divorcees don’t want to walk down the aisle again, yet they don’t want to be alone. It’s not uncommon for Joseph Flores* to work 12-hour days, six days a week.

Back in the late 18 centuries, the United States began trading heavily with China and other parts of Asia.When I tell people that I used to live and teach in Hawaii, I always need to brace myself for the responses.And by responses, I mean deeply problematic stereotypes. I’m Chinese.” PERSON I AM NOW JUDGING: “Oh, sorry, you could totally pass as Hawaiian.” Ummm.Flores, with a few streaks of gray hair and a youthful face, is up front: “I have no interest in getting remarried,” he says.He got divorced seven years ago, after being married for six.Their shave ice is made even more gourmet with Tropical Dreams vanilla ice cream, made in Kamuela, Hawaii Island.Ann Dunham (born November 29, 1942) met Kenyan national Barack Obama, Sr.Plantation workers would use their machetes to finely shave the ice from large ice blocks, then pour fruit juice over the fluffy ice.Uncle Clay’s House of Pure Aloha in the Aina Haina Shopping Center on Oahu crafts each shave ice cup with natural syrups.And yet, there exists a conflation between Asian culture and Native Hawaiian culture.(Let’s be honest, if I were a non-Asian woman, no one would assume I was Native Hawaiian when I tell them I used to live in Hawaii.) So how did we come to conflate residency with race?