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I live in Montreal, which culturally finds itself between Europe and America.

Depending where you live in Montreal, it can feel more like you’re in America, or Europe.

Fixed meal times and no snacks The French have always stuck to three meals a day and generally don’t do food outside these set meals.

Children usually have a small snack or goûter after school - a piece of fruit or a cake - but this is limited to a specific time, and adults generally don’t snack.

In addition, preventing yourself from straying will definitely pay off because the French have generous and lavish portions at lunch and dinner.

Since moving to France I have made certain observations which may help to answer this question. On the whole France appears to have less of a fast-food culture than England.

One of the foremost elements of French culture is food.

Local French produce and harvest speak volume about the love that the French hold in their hearts for food.

When thinking of French culture, the image of the chic, demure and svelte female never fails to spring to mind.

Whilst I realise that this is a heavily idealised and overtly shallow perception of French women, which has resulted largely from years of exposure to the beautiful ladies of Chanel and Dior perfume adverts, it must also be noted that since arriving in France, I have been surprised by how many woman live up to this image.

Not only is there a smaller range of establishments, but much of the fast food there is, is often accompanied by a healthier alternative; for example the Mac Cafe’s which now run alongside many Mac Donalds outlets.

Snacking itself also appears to be less widespread and less socially acceptable; indeed it is very rare to see somebody eating in the street, let alone eating fish and chips from a paper wrapper.

However, the nation’s love for food is not limited to quality produce and is also evident in its set French eating habits.

The French are very particular about their eating habits and do not tend to deviate from them.

Well if that's the case, when it comes to food the zoo is far better than the wild.

(Photo: Malcolm Slaney/Flickr) Some would say the custom has its drawbacks, and the limited opening hours of French restaurants are one reason for the huge popularity of fast food chains, but the fact many of the fast food chains are deserted between meal times shows the three-a-day culture has stuck.