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Dating a sculpture

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Historically, nearly all Kings, Popes and tyrants have recognized the propaganda effect of inspirational sculpture.

Roman Emperors distributed portrait busts of themselves to every corner of their empire; the Roman Church decorated their cathedrals, abbeys and churches with tens of thousands of statues and relief sculptures to convey the message of the Bible; Pharaohs, Kings and Emperors from Ancient Egypt, Persia, Greece and the modern world, have invested fortunes in monumental sculpture to commemorate success in battle.

He raises his right arm in a final tremor, but the poisonous bite under his armpit has had an immediate effect, and already the boy has begun to go limp upon the altar on which his father is also supporting himself.

Greek art and sculpture has had a profound effect throughout the ages.

Together with architecture, it was the principal form of monumental religious art which for centuries (c.400-1800) was the driving force of European civilization.

Even today, although continuously evolving, sculpture is still the leading method of expressing and commemorating both historical figures and events.

For more about carving in China, see: Chinese Buddhist Sculpture (c.100-present).

The most enduring and, arguably, the greatest form of fine art known to man, sculpture has played a major role in the evolution of Western culture.

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Greek sculptures are mainly divided into 7 time periods - Mycenaean Art, Sub-Mycenaean or Dark Age, Proto-Geometric, Geometric Art, Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic.Laocoon's head is turned back with a grimace of pain in which are mixed Laocoon's horror for the death of his sons, the exertion of his struggle, and awareness of his own imminent death.To his right, the younger son is completely enwrapped by the coils of the second serpent.For Pentelic, Parian, Carrara stone, see: Marble Sculpture. The Venus of Tan-Tan (c.200,000 BCE or earlier) is a quartzite figurine from the same period.For other similar forms of carving, see: Stone Sculpture. If these objects are pre-sculptural forms, the earliest prehistoric sculpture proper emerged around 35,000 BCE in the form of carvings of animals, birds, and therianthropic figures, made during the Lower Perigordian/Aurignacian Period and discovered in the caves of Vogelherd, Hohle Fels, and Hohlenstein-Stadel, in the Swabian Jura, Germany.Many of the statues that have survived are actually of Roman origin.Like many people today the Romans had a deep respect for Greek sculptures and many were copied.A ceramic masterpiece created during the era of Qin Dynasty art (221-206 BCE).Arguably the greatest ever example of representational art.Description: The figure of Laocoon is prominent both because of its central position and also because of the muscular power of its imposing body.The Trojan struggles with the two serpents who have gotten hold of him, but he is already starting to yield and falls in a seated position onto the altar.