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The decade has to be judged by the rest of the serial.

For example serial 5 - 300000 was given to a government minister in the opening party of the new factory in 1975.

A Peavey guitar serial number is a unique number that identifies each individual guitar manufactured at the Peavey factory.

The serial number usually appears on the back of the headstock of the guitar.

Serial numbers are not only helpful in identifying the particular vintage of a specific instrument.

The Gold top was added later in the year and was used to primarily to paint guitars a color other than black when a top was rejected for one reason or another.We have not been able to track down all the serial numbers.Some archives have been lost during the owner changes.When Peavey initially began producing the Wolfgang guitar in late 1996 (most were produced in 1997) it only came in the Standard model (the Special had not been introduced) and it was available in six colors.It came in Black, Ivory and 4 curly maple (quilt top) options.These were red, amber, purple and sunburst (shown above).People often refer to the Sunburst as "Tobacco Burst", but to the best of my knowledge Peavey did not make a color with this name.Original Parts still owned Comments and modifications to your Wolfgang: Added: Gold Gibson Les Paul Tone and Volume Control Knobs; 24K Gold Plated Schaller Strap Locks; 24K Gold Plated Schaller Whammy Bar; 24K Gold Plated Schaller Locking Top Nut. To Skip thanks for your support and then he signed it. The head stock and neck is made of Birdseye maple w/ Black on face of head stock.Original Parts still owned Comments and modifications to your Wolfgangthis one has one small spot where someone went to town on the tremelo with Dtuna on.could someone on here please identify where it was made and what exact model. acording to the comparison chart this Guitar is a 1999-? is this correct and do all wolfgangs have engraved Ev H signature on headstock? Think its an early model but would like to find out more.Serial numbers are also helpful for identifying and ordering proper parts should repairs ever become necessary.Although an official and complete listing of Peavey serial numbers is not available on the Internet, Peavey provides a serial number forum on its website, where anyone interested in tracking down the vintage of a specific instrument can submit the serial number and request information from the factory.