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Make sure you’re both always on the go, with the Shift key to keep.

There's something different about an experience when you put the word "date" on it; it makes it more significant, more impactful, and you're usually more willing to open up to the person (in theory, anyway). Although there was an undercurrent of awkwardness, we were able to have relatively good conversations.

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Both reside in region 4A which speaks volumes of compliment for the roller fraternity in that region.

This wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't affecting the present, and our relationship.

Because we are together 24-7 including at work we had gone on a break for 2 weeks for reasons outside of this post, not cheating or lies, just needing personal space..

Ive been on tons of dates but all of them with girls and to be honest im REALLY nervous about this I dont know how to handle it, what to do or say... We went apple picking and pretty much just talked while doing it. Both of us are only a few months out of the closet (me 5 months, him 2 months) and have never been with men before romantically or sexually.

This is a really good question/topic, one I've been wondering about as well since I have yet to go on a date with a guy or have a bf...

I thought turning the radio on would be too obvious. Best of luck though and hopefully your first date leads to something special!

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Just say and do what you would normally say and do with someone whose company you enjoy; the knowledge that you're on a date will make the rest follow naturally. Expect me standing tall, back against the wall, 'cause what I learned was: Its not about forcing happiness; its about not letting the sadness win. And then we sat at the theater with our arms touching and pretending not to notice. Halfway through dinner though he made it a point to say that he wasn't looking for dating with me and just wanted to get to know me as a friend.

__________________ ♫ Im not a self-help book; Im just a fucked up kid. ♫ -The Wonder Years, "Local Man Ruins Everything" On my first date with a guy, we just sat in silence as I drove to the movie theater. Then I thought that I would turn the radio on right away in the car after the movie. Long story short, be aware that there are numerous ways a first date can go.