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Their crimes include: So how do you vent without getting handcuffed? “It’s extremely easy for police to trace you,” says David Allen Green, legal journalist and lawyer. If you’re causing trouble, Twitter or Facebook will hand your IP address over on request.” So no matter how much someone is peeing you off – whether they’re famous, or someone at college you just frickin’ can’t stand – stick to the age-old rule of ‘If you wouldn’t say it to their face, don’t say it at all’. Irony doesn’t always translate in publishing, so if you write anything where someone might not get that it’s a joke you could be in trouble.

While one person might get away with saying shocking things, another could end up in court when the law cracks down to make a point. Going on recent evidence, if you’re commenting on a subject in the news, be careful – even if you’re only joking. And, remember – on Twitter especially – your twisted joke could be seen by anyone.

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How NOT to do it: Paul Chambers went to legal hell and back after jokingly tweeting he would blow up an airport.

The issue is complicated by the fact that most of those corporations are based in the United States and so have a strong belief that removing or even blocking content is tantamount to censorship and breaks the First Amendment.

Europe takes a different approach to what constitutes fair or free speech and has threatened to introduce legislation obliging social media companies to remove extremist content or face large fines and lawsuits.

How NOT to do it After a footballer was jailed for five years for raping a teenage girl, many of his team’s supporters named her on Twitter.

They were promptly arrested and a couple have since been charged.

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That tweet you were just about to send might be hilaaarrrious – but it might also be illegal. How NOT to do it: After schoolgirl April Jones was abducted in Wales, 20-year-old Matthew Woods made a joke about it on Facebook. The online world is chock-a-block full of people calling other people fat, stupid, ugly etc.

A rash of young people have recently been through court for comments they’ve made on the internet. He was jailed for 12 weeks for his offensive comments, while 20-year-old Azhar Ahmed was given community service and a fine for criticising soldiers in Afghanistan on Facebook. But, beside the obvious point that THIS IS MEAN, harassing someone online (known as ‘trolling’) is legally shady, too.

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