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This is very convenient for more nomadic attendees, students, and international people.

These subcutaneous nerves in a pathologic state can lead to neurogenic inflammation and pain.

We introduce and explore the use of low dose dextrose Prolotherapy in the treatment of neurogenic inflammatory pain.

Which wasn't the worst thing in the world, but now CCI is eliminating even that step if you prefer to have a friend receive your badge.

As for when the blessed event/anxiety vigil will occur, CCI says badges will ship out 3-4 weeks before the Con.

Traditional Prolotherapy has focused on ligament-tendon healing, and has shown to be a powerful treatment modality.

With Neural Prolotherapy, however we shift our focus to the subcutaneous nerves as a source of pathology.

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I was introduced to Prolotherapy during my Sports Medicine fellowship at South Pointe- Cleveland Clinic by Dr.

Zenos Vangelos (Program Director Sports Medicine Fellowship, SP- Cleveland Clinic).