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Hello, I have a hard copy of Battlefield 2142 that I would like to play at Game Ranger, now that I have nothing but free time.

Unfortunately, it's been a long time since I last played it and I have already done a clean install on a new PC, I remember my account details, and I am not able to log in since the master servers are shutdown, it just does not list Battlefield 2142 as my game nor does it post any of my medals, accomplishments or unlocks. I can send a picture of the disc/activation code with a current newspaper as proof if need be, and yes, it is registered.

My Config: AMD Phenom II x4 2.8GHz, Ge Force GTX460 Wine 1.3.11, Debian Squeeze, Nvidia Driver 2 Battlefield 2142 should now be installed successfully (hopefully).

The Battlefield 2142 DVD uses Safe Disc v4 disc check. The game should run without a no-DVD crack - but will require your disc to be in the drive and mounted.

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When it comes to the game and playing I am not sure if there is any revive project for it.

Hi folks I came back to play some 2142...before it is completely extinct, i also still have some medals that i want to unlock.

i added myself to the update list several times now, but nothing is happening.

See Gamespy Wikipedia for more information about this.

Various community supported efforts have sprung up to provide alternative Master Servers for the various games affected by the server shutdown.

The "Battlefield 2142 Reclamation Mod" allows players to play Battlefield 2142 Online Multiplayer again, providing an Alternate Master Server System, as a replacement for the now shutdown Game Spy master server system. This is all thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Dethklok Clan ( Dethklokclan.).

Be sure to also get the custom maps, as they are REQUIRED to play ONLINE: No articles were found matching the criteria specified.

Weitere Testwochenenden werden folgen, wie die Entwickler über Kickstarter mitteilen.

Well, the game works fine, I copy the Battlefield CD to my wineprefix folder as i do in every game and start the installer with the WINEDEBUG="fixme-all" option, i have to set a Virtual Desktop to play the game, in fullscreen mode the game's crash after open.

Wer schnelles Gameplay und den zweiten Weltkrieg gerne in einem Spiel hätte, kann sich ab Freitag, 26. Wie die Entwickler mitteilen, werden die Server zu folgenden Zeiten laufen: Die Closed Alpha bietet Team-Deathmatch-Gefechte für 12 Spieler (6 vs. Als Waffen sind das M1 Garand, der Karabiner 98, die Thompson SMG und die MP40 enthalten.

Mai 2017 in der Closed Alpha von Battalion 1944 versuchen. Die Entwickler weisen allerdings darauf hin, dass die Closed Alpha noch fehlerbehaftet ist und einige Bugs enthalten halten kann.

There has to be a way to support this unless it was engineered obsolescence, Titan Fall does not replace Battlefield 2142 in my opinion and why would I purchase Titanfall if I will not be able to play it years after I have purchased it? Goto Battlefield2142all the information is there from start to finish...

I am not sure if you can get the ranks/stats/medals etc back from before.