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Bad uid for job execution msg ruserok failed validating

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-- Starting command on Tue Apr 19 2016 with 20856 GB free disk space qsub \ -l mem=126g -l nodes=1:ppn=32 \ -d `pwd` -N "meryl_1st_try" \ -t 1-1 \ -j oe -o /home/scbbcluster/nitesh_mpi/pacbio_assembly/canu-1.2/Linux-amd64/bin/1st_trial/unitigging/0-mercounts/meryl.$PBS_\ /home/scbbcluster/nitesh_mpi/pacbio_assembly/canu-1.2/Linux-amd64/bin/1st_trial/unitigging/0-mercounts/qsub: submit error (Bad UID for job execution MSG=ruserok failed validating scbbcluster/scbbcluster from r3node4) ## -- Finished on Tue Apr 19 2016 (3 seconds) with 20856 GB free disk space ERROR: ERROR: Failed with exit code 177. qsub \ -l mem=126g -l nodes=1:ppn=32 \ -d `pwd` -N "meryl_1st_try" \ -t 1-1 \ -j oe -o /home/scbbcluster/nitesh_mpi/pacbio_assembly/canu-1.2/Linux-amd64/bin/1st_trial/unitigging/0-mercounts/meryl.$PBS_\ /home/scbbcluster/nitesh_mpi/pacbio_assembly/canu-1.2/Linux-amd64/bin/1st_trial/unitigging/0-mercounts/By googling on this error "submit error (Bad UID for job execution MSG=ruserok failed validating scbbcluster/scbbcluster from r3node4)" I got some result and after trying those result I was able to overcome this error so posting here solution: Step 1: Do check that your Torque Server Configuration has the followings. Stack trace: at /home/scbbcluster/nitesh_mpi/pacbio_assembly/canu-1.2/Linux-amd64/bin/lib/canu/line 234 canu:: Defaults::ca Failure('Failed to submit batch jobs', undef) called at /home/scbbcluster/nitesh_mpi/pacbio_assembly/canu-1.2/Linux-amd64/bin/lib/canu/line 1139 canu:: Execution::submit Or Run Parallel Job('/home/scbbcluster/nitesh_mpi/pacbio_assembly/canu-1.2/Linux-a...', '1st_try', 'meryl', '/home/scbbcluster/nitesh_mpi/pacbio_assembly/canu-1.2/Linux-a...', 'meryl', 1) called at /home/scbbcluster/nitesh_mpi/pacbio_assembly/canu-1.2/Linux-amd64/bin/lib/canu/line 370 canu:: Meryl::meryl Check('/home/scbbcluster/nitesh_mpi/pacbio_assembly/canu-1.2/Linux-a...', '1st_try', 'utg') called at /home/scbbcluster/nitesh_mpi/pacbio_assembly/canu-1.2/Linux-amd64/bin/canu line 512 canu failed with 'Failed to submit batch jobs'.A feature of the method presented here, is that it can easily be extended to cover several PCs on your network, so you can use the computing power of your colleagues when they do not use their PCs (e.g. However, this post will try to make it very simple, namely set it just on your own PC.In less than 10 minutes you'll have it up and running...Step 1a: Configuring the Submission First and Foremost, one of the main prerequisites is that the submission nodes must be part of the resource pool identified by the Torque Server.If you are not part of the Torque Server, you may want to follow the steps to make the to-be-submission node part of the resource pool or a pbs_mom client.

(We are running Torque and Maui.) When I try to submit a job from the new cluster (a machine called morph4), I see: $ echo "sleep 10" | qsub -q morph qsub: Bad UID for job execution MSG=ruserok failed validating testuser/testuser from morph4 (morph is the new cluster.) testuser is set up so that it has the same UID and GID on all of the machines in the network.Once you have configured the to-be-submission node as one of the client, you have to now to configure the torque server by this commands.If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.If you are planning to have more nodes where the users can do submission apart from the Head Node of the Cluster, you may want to configure a Submission Node. There are 2 ways to configure this submission node.One way is using the “submit_hosts paramter” in the Torque Server.The idea is to use TORQUE in a very minimal configuration.There will be no fuzz with Maui or similar schedulers, we will only use packages we can get from the Debian/Ubuntu software repositories.If I give the same command from a machine on the old cluster (submitting to morph), it runs.The error in the torque server_log file is: 10/27/2010 ;0080; PBS_Server; Req;req_reject; Reject reply code=15023(Bad UID for job execution MSG=ruserok failed validating testuser/testuser from morph4), aux=0, type=Queue Job, from [email protected] I've checked all of the "allow_node_submit" and "allow_proxy_user" variables that I've ever read about, and they all seem to be set correctly.You might also need to increase the glexec/lcas/lcmaps debug levels in $ glite-ce-job-submit -a -r cream-02infn.it:8443/cream-lsf-cream 2008-01-16 ,248 FATAL - Method Name=[job Register] Timestamp=[Wed ] Error Code=[0] Description=[system error] Fault Cause=[cannot write the job wrapper (job Id = CREAM856707634)!The problem seems to be related to glexec which reported: Broken pipe] $ glite-ce-job-submit -D de2 -r cream-02infn.it:8443/cream-lsf-cream prren12008-01-28 ,859 FATAL - Method Name=[job Register] Timestamp=[Mon ] Error Code=[0] Description=[delegation error: the proxy delegation ID "de2" is not more valid! ] $ cat job_ids ##CREAMJOBS## https://devel03infn.it:8443/CREAM683051516 https://devel03infn.it:8443/CREAM481684356 https://devel03infn.it:8443/CREAM333841302 https://devel03infn.it:8443/CREAM279829555 https://devel03infn.it:8443/CREAM334653961 ****** Job ID=[https://ppsce03es:8443/CREAM880596078] Status = [ABORTED] Exit Code = [] Failure Reason = [BLAH error: submission command failed (exit code = 1) (stdout:) (stderr:qsub: Bad UID for job execution MSG=ruserok failed validating dteam017/dteam017 from ppsce03es-) N/A (job Id = CREAM880596078)] 2009-09-10 ,082 ERROR - Received NULL fault; the error is due to another cause: Fault String=[org.glite.security.delegation.storage.