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Someone reluctant to speak on live video, claiming shyness or that they can’t find a camera, should be a red flag.2.
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There is a new study from Stanford Graduate School of Business shows in the business world, women who are aggressive, assertive, and confident but who can turn these traits on and off, depending on the social circumstances, This is certainly encouraging, yet I find that learning to assert oneself appropriately in the workplace still remains an issue for many women.One of the most effective ways to communicate confidence is to use assertive communication and many women find this challenging.Communication experts agree the clearest, most productive and most effective way to communicate is honestly and openly, which is assertive communication.This type of communication allows for the potential for people to also communicate openly and honestly with you.

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Respond to the questionnaire and then study your answers. In an initial attempt to address this confusion, Dr.Kaufman wrote his article and provided some points for men. However, upon further reflection, I decided my personal advice differs a bit from his thoughts.Welcome back to The Attraction Doctor One of my fellow PT bloggers, Dr.Kaufman, recently wrote an article about "what shy, geeky, nice guys can learn from the Rebecca Watson incident".For the past two weeks, the focus of this blog has been how you would handle a situation at work when someone takes credit for your idea.Unfortunately, this happens quite frequently according to many of my readers, and their responses demonstrated a wide range of communication styles from passive to direct and assertive.In other words, assertiveness can be a great tool in helping you build strong, respectful, supportive relationships with loved ones, classmates, and co-workers.Being assertive can be difficult for many people, for many different reasons.My perspective encourages men to be active and assertive.In fact, it is my opinion (and one of the principles of my approach) that all individuals are entitled to be assertive about their needs, wants, and desires.