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She was an avatar in Second Life, the online, 3D, digital world developed by San Francisco company Linden Labs.

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These new specials are among the best places to start.Louis CK: , a controversial return for the infamous recluse that features a cynical riff on trans acceptance and a flippant defence of Bill Cosby's legacy ("He rapes but he saves - and he saves more than he rapes," goes the punchline)., shot months earlier, also reveals Chappelle's antagonistic turns with audiences, when he takes a knee after deriding a female heckler and launches into a chest-prodding monologue on women's body parts (there's a solid Lil Wayne impression in there, but still). When he's not just pushing buttons though, the legend's there: a ridiculously casual stage presence showcasing stellar storytelling skills, whether defending his decision to go to the Oscars over a Flint, Michigan benefit ("What am I, a f---ing superhero? But it's still riveting.-Unexpected sleepers: Other pleasant surprises from a streaming stand-up deep dive Colin Quinn: (RIP) motormouth packs a ton into this universal tribute to city immigrants, seen through NYC's working class docks and bodegas.Paul Evans, Telegraph, 11/2/10 Twitter etc and the election: Is it worth the risk?Brian Wheeler, BBC News, 10/2/10 Prime minister's questions Andrew Sparrow, Guardian, 10/2/10 Tories' Latest Campaign Poster Miranda Richardson, Sky News, 9/2/10 'Airbrushed for change' spoofs of David Cameron's election poster swamp the web Daily Mail, 9/2/10 This poster was asking for trouble Thomas Sutcliffe, Independent, 9/2/10 Airbrushed and changed: web users parody David Cameron campaign poster Larry Ryan, Independent, 1/2/10 David Cameron: the graffiti's on the wall Zoe Williams, Guardian, 30/1/10 Air-brushed Cameron gets an Elvis makeover on campaign poster Daily Mail, 22/1/10 'Vote Mr Sheen. Like a rapper at a strip joint, Netflix chief Ted Sarandos has been flinging money into the medium, enticing the likes of Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock to return to the stage with a cool $US40 million apiece for a pair of new specials (Chappelle's just released, Rock's yet to come).

Mc Keely grew up in Mundulla and has always had a love for the show and agriculture that the couple share and continue to remain passionate about.") or taking jealous jabs at fellow comedian Kevin Hart's success. This set, directed by Jerry Seinfeld and based on Quinn's own celebrated Off Broadway show, proves that non-PC jokes can be used to affectionately honour our differences rather than ridicule.Cristela Alonzo: (Netflix)Alonzo's special is perfectly suited to the current social climate, taking on Trump's America with incredulous glee - but the personal is just as political.'s Ben Mc Cormack built a reputation as a textbook tabloid reporter, doggedly chasing down suspected welfare cheats and tax dodgers and busting rip-off retailers.Regarded as one of the Nine Network show's most senior journalists, he tracked down former star Robert Hughes in Singapore and led its investigation of child abuse allegations against the former actor.For a shiny forehead' Christopher Hope, Telegraph, 20/1/10 Parties primed for a digital election Claire Beale, Independent, 18/1/10 David Cameron's airbrushed poster campaign sets off internet spoof craze Daily Mirror, 16/1/10 Airbrush politici Sanne Rooseboom, De Pers (Netherlands), 15/1/10 Politics diary Michael White, Guardian, 15/1/10 David Cameron’s doctored poster is spin-doctored by Labour Paul Waugh, Evening Standard, 15/1/10 Who's the nasty party now?Labour's spoof poster campaign ridicules David Cameron Will Heaven, Telegraph, 15/1/10 Now these Cameron posters have DEFINITELY been airbrushed...Mc Cormack went on air to describe Hughes' acts as "horrific" and "disturbing" when the actor was finally convicted on 10 charges relating to sexual and indecent acts against four young girls dating back to the 1980s and 1990s.But on Thursday, the cameras were flipped on Mc Cormack, 42, when he became the highest profile arrest yet of a NSW Police taskforce that uses undercover stings to catch alleged online predators.For stand-up lovers, the abundance and accessibility is better than ever, with a new special popping up on streaming sites at a clip of almost two a week.For those lacking time or patience for epic episodic binges, a 50-odd minute dip is ideal - but the selection is overwhelming.