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The 19 year old showed up at my ex's home in July during his visitation (Surprise Visit! My ex husband is promoting & encouraging the relationship.

He drove my daughter to see this guy in Chicago during one of his weekend visitations, without my consent.

(Other statutory laws apply.) Common law marriage is recognized. With parental consent, there are no age limits regarding the minimum age for a couple to marry. With parental consent, males and females may marry at a younger age and younger parties may receive a license by reason of pregnancy or the birth of a child. In addition, each county is authorized to provide premarital counseling before issuing a marriage license to applicants under the age of eighteen and those who are divorced. With parental consent, parties can marry at age sixteen and under the age of sixteen may receive a license by reason of pregnancy or the birth of a child. The District of Columbia offers some rights to registered same-sex domestic partners. Younger males and females can marry with parental consent and receive a license by reason of pregnancy, the birth of a child, or other special circumstances. For peace of mind, you may want to double-check with an attorney.

(Other statutory laws apply.) California offers some spousal rights for registered same-sex domestic partners. With parental consent males can marry under age sixteen, females at fourteen, and younger parties may receive a license under special circumstances. Have a family law attorney review your details today -- at absolutely no charge -- in order to ensure the legality of your upcoming marriage.

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As the purposes of all "Age of Consent" laws are not to "protect" children, but, rather, ...

There are no "dating" laws there are laws about having sex with minors if you are a adult.

The age of consent varies greatly by what nation you live in, US, Canada, and so on.

The process requires payment of a fee of up to , and petitioners (those seeking to become emancipated) must provide the court with the following information: The Washington Courts website provides emancipation court forms for download (in format).Furthermore, the content and information on this page is copyrighted material to the extent such material is not an excerpt from the law itself.Any use or reproduction of such material is strictly prohibited without the expressly written approval of Parental Solutions LLC.Summary of Washington's Legal Ages Laws Legal rights and responsibilities generally apply to people who have reached the age of majority -- 18 in most states -- at which you are considered an adult.But states also designate additional legal age limits for certain legal processes that apply to minors.And if in the US there are large differences in the state laws.Some states have 18 as age of consent, others have 16.Under Washington's legal age laws, minors may petition the court for emancipation at age 16 and minors may file lawsuits at age 14 with a court-appointed guardian or through a relative or friend who is 18 or older.How to Become an Emancipated Minor in Washington Washington state allows minors 16 and older to petition to court for emancipation.I am in Ohio, have a 16 year old daughter that met a 19 year old second-year college student on World of Warcraft & have begun to have internet relationship.I am divorced, father lives 3 hours away, still in Ohio.