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Spending last week in Vegas made me think about how much money some people have. From the lavish buildings at each corner to people dropping thousands on a table without hesitation — the amount of wealth is staggering. I believe that most men who complain about their lack of dating success could be transformed with one action — meeting more women.It’s a matter of taking more chances and increasing opportunities.

From my experience and from the thousands of singles that have shared their dating stories with me, the avid dater in search of a “keeper” will go on many first dates! The first rule of thumb in my professional opinion is to always have a positive attitude and have fun in every situation.

Let’s remember that the first date is not a major life event.

Depending on how much information you have about the person.

While many women say they love doing it all and wouldn’t have it any other way – feeling adored by their partner makes it all worth it.

Often times men will express their feelings of gratitude in the beginning, but get complacent after the novelty of the new relationship wears off.

It creeps into a relationship, eventually killing any warm and loving feelings a woman might have for her guy.

The constant need to nit-pick and criticize every little thing she is doing “wrong” will usually a.) knock the wind out of her sails until she feels depleted and then b.), she is going to start caring less about putting any effort into the relationship until c.) she realizes she must protect herself and self esteem, and heads for the door.

Feeling appreciated, acknowledged and special is super important for women, who often balance and juggle so many things in life.

Women are moms, housekeepers, cooks, businesswomen, caretakers, etc.

Knowing that a smile is important ladies, I would do whatever I could to highlight and showcase that beautiful smile. And I would absolutely recommend teeth whitening especially for women that smoke.

There is nothing less attractive than staring into someone’s mouth and noticing discolored teeth or smelling bad breath.