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Deeds” and “Click.” But as his audience grew up, Sandler stayed the same — despite the title of “Grown Ups,” he rarely successfully played one in a movie. He’s not edgy As comedic tentpoles changed — thanks, ironically, to his college roommate Apatow — with R-rated bromances, Sandler didn’t adapt.

When he tried more mature roles, like in the Jason Reitman indie “Men, Women & Children” or Judd Apatow’s “Funny People,” he veered so far away from his brand that his fans didn’t know what to make of it. A slapstick comedian’s career is shorter than a dramatic actor’s — just ask Jim Carrey. In fact, when Sandler appears in an R-rated film (“That’s My Boy,” “Funny People”), his box office rapidly drops.

See more » After the credits, one member of the previously shown twins conducts a sight gag.

Adam Sandler often has the last laugh when it comes to box office results, but that hasn’t stopped critics and audiences alike from skewering his works.

It’s only fitting that Sandler plays the youngest son of the devil as it was hell sitting through “Little Nicky.” From the scrunched-up Popeye face to the baby voice, everything about his character, who’s sent on a mission to New York to retrieve his disloyal brothers, left audiences shaking their heads. “I’d like to just erase that whole experience,” he said a few years after its 1996 release.

According to Dickerson, the movie was “castrated” because it was shot as an R-rated film, but cut as PG-13 to appease studio demands.

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